Detach from the Ego

Detach from the Ego

Posted on Apr 06, 2019 by Essence  | Tags: spirit, mind

One of the biggest obstacles in life can be your mind. Especially when it’s programmed to function against who you truly are.

Comparing The Mind To A Computer

The mind can be compared to a computer because just like computers our minds are made up of different software and programs. And much like a computer, there’s a keyboard that’s used to insert and remove these software and programs (all symbology).

When we realize we are the users of these intricate and beautiful minds (computers), we can connect back with who we truly are. And that is something beyond the mind. That’s experiencing the mind. It’s Spirit - your true self.

The Minds Operator

The Spirit is the essence of what operates this vehicle (mind & body). With that awareness we can become more observant of our thoughts, allowing us to let go and detach from certain thought forms that don’t really serve who we are. As we release this energy, we free up so much more room for higher vibrational energy!

Which comes with many synchronicities, really interesting dreams that may even sync up to something going on in the physical reality, and so much more benefits - see for yourself!

Meditation Helps You Build Awareness!

If you take your daily meditations seriously you’ll most certainly see the benefits of it. Try to meditate at least twice a day, but I would say a good 3 times a day would be best! (If you are new to meditation I suggest getting this ebook, honestly the best one I’ve experienced out there).

With this awareness you’re able to slow things down and really process and observe what is going on within you. It’s even been scientifically proven that observation changes reality, so why not change yours?! So instead of being caught up in those pesky thoughts. You can start to cleanse and detach to what no longer serves you.

Not only that, but with building awareness, you build connection within yourself, you build discipline, truth, and connected loving relationships.

So get out there observe and fully experience!!!

High vibes!!!



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